Our PR Products

Whether you're looking for ongoing PR support or one-off PR products - we can help get PR 'Unlockd' for you.

Book in a free strategy call and we can discuss with you how we can help, what to expect and which PR product is best for your brand, goals, budget and the PR appetite / opportunity for your brand.

Ongoing PR

Pay Per Results PR

PR without the risk? Yes please! We’ll do all the work – just pay for each article or backlink we secure for you!

PR Subscriptions (ongoing; monthly-rolling)

Perfect for brands who want more, automatic pitching to the press and a ‘capped’ monthly fee.

You can build your own ‘keychain’ by selecting which keys and keyrings suit you (as and when / month on month) – we can help!

The Keys (you need at least one)

Expert Key

Looking to promote you or your brand as an expert? This key is a must for you
£99/per month (inc. VAT) / $99
We'll pitch you to journalists looking for experts
We'll offer you opportunities to appear in the press as an expert

Product, Service, Event Key

Looking to secure those review features, line-ups and gift guides? This is the key for you
£99/per month (inc. VAT) / $99
We'll write up & send press releases on new products, services, events and news in the business
We'll pitch you to journalists looking to feature / review brands
We'll offer you review / feature opportunities for your products, services or events
Guaranteed product features in top tier publications (Cosmo, Red Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Men's / Women's Health...)
We'll feature you in journo gift boxes
We'll feature you in PR events goodie bags

The Keyrings (optional add-ons)

Unlockd Journo Requests

You're busy! Let us take the wheel
£149/per month (inc. VAT) / $149
We'll reply to journo requests on your behalf
Only available with the Expert Key

Press Release

We write 1000s of press releases a year - we got this
£99/each (inc. VAT)/ $99
We'll write up & send out a press release for you

One-off PR Products

Add-ons or one-off PR products.

Remember, some of these are included in the PR Subscription or Pay Per Placement PR models – so take a look at them first.

Pay Per Guaranteed Product Feature

Have a product(s) you want to get into top tier publications? A giveaway could be just the ticket…
£99/article (inc. VAT) / $99
One-off activity
Giveaways in top tier publications
Included in the Golden & Platinum Key PR Subscriptions
UK only

The alternative to working with us?

PR is a typically pricey business. To give you an broad idea:

A Freelancer (outside of a major UK City) would charge £600-1,000 a month (3-12 month contract)

A Freelancer (in a major UK City) would charge £1,000-1,500 a month (3-12 month contract)

A Small Agency would charge £1,500-2,500 a month (3-12 month contract)

A Medium-sized Agency would charge £2,500-5,000 a month (6-12 month contract)

A Large-sized Agency would charge £5,000+ a month (6-12 month contract)

Figures (ex-VAT)

USA PR is even pricer!

We have small businesses joining us all day long from these agencies or having been quoted by these agencies and are just been thrilled at our offering (these agencies are charging up to x50 our prices – and with 3-12 month contracts).

Does that mean they are x50 better than us? 

Absolutely not! Hop onto our socials, check out our press pages and take a butchers at our TrustPilot to see the amount of daily press we get our Key Holders (clients). 

Monthly retainers mean we have to deliver and deliver fast (our hard-working, small business Key Holders aren’t prepared to wait around and they don’t have time (or a budget) for PR waffle, fluff and promises)!

Last year we got our Key Holders 1,700 articles (and that was just a warm up for this year). 

(Check out typical PR agencies’ socials and it’s usually a few little press pieces across several months – even for the HUGE agencies charging a small fortune).

To get started book in call and let’s chat. 

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