Can anyone just sign-up?

No, the first step is to book in a call with us and we’ll see if we can help, chat through options and see if the fit is there.

We work with experts (where there’s an appetite for their expertise in the media) and B2C products & services. 

If you have a B2B product or service, we’d promote your / the brand’s expertise rather than promoting the product or service (there’s very little press appetite for that),

We are looking for brands we can help relatively quickly and easily – we’ll be asking ourselves, “is there an appetite in the press for this?”. If you’re in a niche space or in a busy space but lack a defined USP – we might not be able to help.

Most importantly, we want to work with lovely people who value our time and expertise. If you’re grumpy, demanding or unreasonable you wouldn’t be a good fit for us.

Do you guarantee press?

No, only media publishers and God can do that. But for the small money we charge, we like to work with brands we know we can help relatively quickly and easily. We have a reputation for delivering articles (our website and socials are littered with them) and we don’t want that to change.

We’ll be very honest with you about the press appetite for your brand and we’ll happily show examples of recent articles and requests we’ve had from journalists in your space. 

If you join us, we’ll offer you opportunities to be in the press and ensure that key media contacts are aware of you.

We can’t force journalists to write about your brand and we don’t buy or pay for articles or backlinks.

How can I make sure I get press?

Easy! Be responsive and be open.

If there are delays with you responding to opportunities, you’ll probably miss them and if it takes you weeks to sign off press releases, you’re delaying bagging potential articles. 

Equally, be open. Remember that journalists want content or cool things to try. They don’t have a vested interest in your brand and you aren’t purchasing an advert. 

Offering different content and being featured in different articles will result in different benefits for your brand. 

If you are narrow-minded about how PR works, what publications you want to be in or the content you want to put out or you’re not responsive or slow – you probably won’t get press (and we’d rather you didn’t sign-up to be honest).

How long does it take to get press? And how many articles should I expect?

This completely depends.

Typically, offering expertise (using our Expertise Key), we’d expect you to get articles at the end of month 1, beginning of month 2. We find that 4-10 expert comment submissions result in an article (depending on the sector and the expert). 

A typical Expertise Key Holder unlocks 2-6 articles a month. A good tip is to set yourself a daily target (one a day is usually good to unlock 2-6 articles a month).

Typically, when promoting a B2C product (using our Review Key), we’d expect you to start getting articles at the end of month 2, beginning of month 3. 

A typical Review Key Holder unlocks 1-3 articles a month.

Press appetite and novelty has a big impact on these general figures.

What kind of articles can I unlock?

Different activities and different sectors will result in a multitude of different articles.

You main focus should be on the end result – brand awareness, social proof & SEO. A collection of different articles will give you a nice variation of the benefits.

If you’re using expertise to promote yourself / your brand, you could be featured in a line or two in an article, a paragraph or two, or the entire article could be about your insights. There’s a few examples here.

 If you’re promoting a B2C product, you’ll usually bag listings in line-ups, listicles or gift guides. You could also get a review piece or even a news article (if it’s news worthy). There’s a few examples here.

If you’re promoting a news story, there’s plenty of options. Depending on what the news is, you could get a news article, a review feature or listings line-ups, listicles or gift guides. 

Lastly, if you’re tell a personal interest story, you’ll get a real story article (with a nice plug to your brand). Here’s some more information here and a few examples here.

How often can I chat to you? How often will I be updated?

We use Monday.com to manage your account (it’s available on browser and as a phone app). It means we can update you in real-time and you can see the activity on your account in one place. All of our team are on your account (from writers, the PR team to your account manager) and that’s how you chat with us (you’ll get a notification and an email with each interaction to best manage any action points). You can also book in a 30-minute chat whenever you want to (usually same-day).

It’s easy to navigate the app and after the 5-minute onboarding video you’ll be a pro.

Why are you so much cheaper than traditional agencies?

Good question. 

We wrote a whole page about how the magic works here

Are press releases included in the monthly subscriptions / keys?

The Review Key includes any brand, product or news press releases you need.

The Expertise Key doesn’t include any press releases (so you’d have to buy these separately).

Expert press releases & personal interest story press releases are optional add-ons additions for these keys.

The Unlimitd Key includes everything.

Is there a minimum term or a contract?

No. If it’s not for you or you want a break, just let us know and we’ll action that for you (no biggie)!

How long have you been doing this for?

Our Founder, Jordan James started working in PR in 2015 (working with national & international brands, as well as celebrities). He met Riley (his charming fiancé) in 2017 and he joined in too! They now run the business together.

In 2020 (initially as a lockdown project) took all of our contacts and expertise and we started working with thousands of SMEs on a Pay Per Results PR model.

In early 2023, we took our work with SMEs even further and developed our small, monthly PR subscriptions – which we believe is the best value for money PR model for SMEs.

How do I know you're any good?

We’d rather show you then tell you!

Check out our TrustPilot reviews and our mountain of recent press here.