#journorequest Unlockd


Hey journalist, your time is precious – don’t waste it hunting for tips, tricks, interviews, insights, line-ups or reviews and then fielding through bizarre and irrelevant content – let us do it for you.

We work with almost 100 brands (and growing) + a wider audience of 10,000 small businesses, including:

  • Hair & Beauty: hairdressers, aesthetics, cosmetics, make-up artists, skincare experts
  • Fashion & Jewellery: stylists, jewellers, fashion brands
  • Home: interior designers, architects, estate agents, garden / landscaping experts, cleaner experts, furniture, homeware
  • Travel: accommodation (hotels, cottages, castles and sailing boats), travel accessories, yacht & private jet brokerages
  • Legal: solicitors, tax investigators, divorce experts
  • Finance: money saving experts, crypto currency experts
  • Lifestyle: relationship & sex coaches, psychotherapists, speech analysts, tarot card readers, energy healers, reiki masters, sex toys
  • Business: business coaches, digital marketing experts, PR experts, HR experts, supply chain experts
  • Health & Fitness: doctors, osteopaths, personal trainers, nutritionists, physios, yoga instructors, PCOS experts, mental health experts
  • Nutrition & Diet: dietitians, supplements, weight loss experts
  • Food & Drink: cocktail experts, mixologists, chefs, bakers, restaurants, food & drink products
  • Technology: metaverse experts, IT experts, AI experts
  • Events: event planners, wedding planners, party planners, event venues

Fill in the form below with your request and we’ll whiz back whatever you need (filtered and formatted by us – so no irrelevant rubbish). If we can’t – we’ll send you a bottle of bubbles for the trouble (if we cover it above)! You don’t get that on Twitter!