Journo Requests

What is a journo request?

Journo requests (also called PR requests, press requests, media requests or journalists requests) are one of the two main tools for getting press for your brand (the other being press releases). 

 Journalists are regularly on the hunt for help with upcoming articles and so they look to PR agencies and brands to help them – usually in the form of expert comment, interviews or stories. 

They tend to approach PR agencies or brands directly, post on Twitter using the hashtag #journorequest or submit requests using software like HARO, Response Source, Editorielle, Dot Star or Press Plugs.

Journo requests are reactive way of securing press, whereas press releases are proactive.

What types of requests are journos making?

Journalists are looking for all sorts of things, from expert comment; personal interest stories or products to review and feature.

If you work with us, we divide journo requests into categories: topics, products, services & locations – so we pitch you relevant journo requests for your brand.

Journo requests are usually inspired by current news or trends or seasons / dates.

Here’s some examples of journo requests and the articles that were published from journos looking for different things:

Journos are either looking for an expert, a story/case study or a brand/product/service/event to feature and/or review.

Article from journo looking for expert comments

“Looking for health/fitness expert to comment on the benefits of exercise you can’t see”

Article from journo looking to review

“I am looking for a London-based salon who is willing to do ‘hair contouring’ for a digital and social feature which will run on womenshealth.mag.com”

Article from journo request for personal stories

“Let’s talk about rage quitting: Have you done it? Would you do it again in a heartbeat? Do you regret it? Open to all angles for a @FortuneMagazine story #journorequest

Tips for replying to journo requests

How long should my submissions be?


Sometimes they’ll ask you for a specific word count and other times they won’t (don’t be afraid to


We’d suggest a few paragraphs will do (or a paragraph per tip or question).


A few lines is too short and a page of A4 is too long.




We’d also suggest putting your credit at the bottom of your journo request submission, such as:


“Full name, title, company name, website address and a clear one-liner about you /
the business” (save this and you can just copy & paste each time)


We’d also suggest you add a headshot whilst you’re at it (it always helps!)


Follow up


Don’t be afraid to let the journalist know that you’re available for further comments or an interview (if you are).


Knowing what to write


Write what you know and don’t afraid to disagree with the subject or point of view of the


Most importantly, don’t make it an advert for you or your business – it’s content
they want. If your answer to any of the questions is you or your business /
product / service then you’ve gone wrong (unless they are specifically asking
for it).


Spelling, grammar & typos



Do a check through before sending off.