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Traditional PR agencies typically charge £2-5k a month and lock clients into scary contracts.

We want you to be ‘unlockd’ from that arrangement (see what we did there?)

Instead, work with us and enjoy all the trimmings of working with a top-notch agency but without the big cost or commitment! 

Don’t get too bogged down with these plans, on our call together we’ll discuss options and which plan(s) work best for your business, budget and goals.

Monthly Plans

Looking for monthly support? Check our our ‘keys’.

You’ll just need one key per brand.

Remember, you’ll have a chat with us first – so if you’re not sure – we’ll tell you which key is best for you.

Is it for me?

If you’re an expert in an expert field that is regularly featured in the press (from health to beauty; AI to HR) then this key is for you.

Examples: Doctors, mental health practitioners, I.T experts, coaches, consultants, lawyers, marketeers etc

If you’re an expert in a niche field – our PR As You Go Key might work better – where you can send out the odd press release sharing insight / stats and we’ll reactively pitch you as an expert in your field (on the rare occasion we are asked).

If you offer a B2B product / service – this is the best way to promote it – using your experience to unlock social proof, brand awareness & SEO.

Is it for me?

If you offer mass appeal B2C product(s) or service(s) with a decent USP and you’re looking to have them featured or reviewed by consumer / trade press – this key is for you.

It works well for ongoing events & experiences too.

Examples: skincare, alcohol brands, food & drink brands, home products, lifestyle apps, escape rooms etc.

If the appetite for your product(s) is limited (perhaps you’re in a crowded market, the appetite is niche or your product(s) / service(s) are available for a limited time or seasonal), it might be a better fit for our PR As You Go Key.

This Key isn’t suitable for B2B product(s) / service(s) (the Expertise Key would be the right option).

If you want a full-shebang PR offering (PR stunts, events, offering expertise into the press), the Unlimitd Key might be for you too.


Is it for me?

If you’re an expert or you offer B2C product(s) / service(s) but want more than the Expert or the Review Key offers (bespoke strategies, PR events & stunts and unlimited press releases) – this is also the key for you.  

Examples: restaurants, bars, night clubs, aesthetic clinics, accommodation venues, hypnotherapy clinics, dentists etc.


PR as you go

Looking for a one-off or occasional press release? Then PR as you go is for you.

Is it for me?

If want to share a one-off or occasional news story or a personal interest (real-life story), you’re hosting a one-off event, you’re an expert in a niche field and want to share the odd insight or stats or you have a niche B2C product – PR As You Go is for you.


Any rules?

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