Journalist Sampling

Have a product(s) you want to get into the hands of top-tier journalists? We can help!

Periodically, we send bundles of products to top-tier journalists who are looking to feature interesting products (usually as a review or line-up). 

We send these gift boxes to publications such as, The Sun, Fabulous Magazine, Grazia, Stylist Magazine and many more. 

Want to get your products into the hands of these journalists? Get in touch and we’ll include you in our next send out.

Only available to PR As you Go Key Holders (buying a press release will open a PR As You Go account for you). UK only for now.

What do the boxes look like?

What's the process?

Get in touch and we’ll let you know when our next send out is and who the publications are.

If you’re keen, let us know, we’ll charge you £49.99 (inc. VAT) and we’ll give you our address to send the products to.

Once we are ready to send the gift boxes, we’ll share with you a photo of the gift boxes and let you know if we receive any feedback from the journalists. 

Do I get to choose which publications receive my products?

Yes, we typically send 10+ boxes a month and you can decide whether you send products to all or just some of them. 

Either way, it’s just £49.99 (inc.VAT). 

What's the follow-up?

We won’t share with you the names or contact details of the journalists but you can add notes or information in with you product for the journalist to follow up with you, if they want to. 

If they reach out to us, we’ll forward on the enquiry to you (and we can support you, if you like). 

Can I send my products directly to the journalists?

If you product is better off coming directly from you, we can arrange this for you. 

Some examples of published press from gifting

Are there any rules?

Yes, a few – see them here.

It all starts with a chat ...

Book in chat below – let’s see if we can help!