Pay Per Backlink

We all know the power of SEO, the higher your website ranks on search engines means more website visitors on your site, more enquiries and more sales. 

One of the most impactful way of boosting SEO is having backlinks from high-domain authority websites to your own.

The more backlinks, the more search engines know you’re a trustworthy, reliable source and you’ll be rewarded by featuring higher up in searches. 

Here at Unlockd PR, we can deliver high-domain authority backlinks using the power of PR without any commitment, contract or monthly fees – we charge per backlink (min. DA of 70) we secure for you.

How does it work?

We don’t buy links, we secure links by pitching you to top-tier media outlets and offering content (such as tips / tricks & insight) to feature in various articles. 

When published, the majority of these comments will provide a backlink.

We provide the content, all we need from you in the name of an expert and brand and website you’d like to promote – we do the rest. 

We can even source credentialed and qualified authors for you as part of the service.

You can tell us publications / domains to avoid and the type of content you’re comfortable with us providing on your behalf.

We’ll deliver your order in up to 180 days (but usually it’s much faster).

How does it work financially?

In a nutshell, you tell us how many backlinks you’ll looking to secure and we’ll set to work.

5 backlinks – £299+VAT/each

10 backlinks – £249+VAT/each

20 backlinks – £199+VAT/each 

Any articles that are published without backlinks are completely free (so that’s brand awareness and social proof completely on us).

You’ll be 50% will be payable at the start and the balance paid once half the backlinks are delivered. 

Sounds great! What's the process?

1. Book in a chat

Book in a chat (using the grid at the bottom of this page) and we'll talk through how we can help. If we're happy and you're happy - we'll give you a link to sign up.

3. Downloading Monday.com to your phone

Once you’ve booked in a call, you’ll instantly get a text message with a link to download our app (Monday.com) to your phone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android. Once downloaded, you don’t need to do anything (such as create a log in). We’ll give you a link to your account on your introductory call. 

5. Getting to work

We’ll set to work getting you your backlinks!

2.Telling us about you & booking in a chat

Once signed up, you'll be directed to our onboarding form page for you to tell us about you and your brand and you'll book in an onboarding chat with your Account Manager in the next day or so (you can pick a slot that best suits you).

4. Getting to know you

In your 30-minute introduction call (which we’ll do over recorded Zoom – with or without video – that’s up to you), your Account Manager will get to know you and walk you through the next steps. As with all our calls, the recording (with written transcript) will be able to you on our app.

6. Updating you and getting to know you better

You’ll be given real time updates on where we are via our app and you can book in a chat with your Account Manager whenever you want.

Do you have any rules or T's & C's?

We don’t have an endless list of rules or T’s and C’s but we do have some ‘key’ rules that we ask key holders to follow; and in return we have promises that we make key holders.

You can see them here.

How do I know you're any good?

Check out our reviews on Trustpilot

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