Unlimitd Key

When you find our other offerings limiting, we have our Unlimitd Key...

“The full-shebang”, “the real McCoy”, “the full enchilada” – just a few descriptions of what you’ll get with our Unlimitd PR Plan.

It’s all the bells & whistles of a traditional PR agency offering but for 10-20% of the cost and without the commitment of a contract.

What's included?

Full Account Management, Strategy & Support

With almost a decade of experience in the PR industry working with 1,000s of brands (from Britney Spears to Anytime Fitness) we work in a similar way to other PR Agencies but we remove the ‘fluff’ PR Agencies use to bulk out their invoices (you don’t need it)! 

The day to day PR activity will be detailed on your very own Monday.com board (you can access via your browser and mobile app – and you’ll get notifications in real-time via email and your mobile) and you can chat to our UK-based team.

We work with 100s of top UK & US journalists at any time and we receive 300+ journo requests a day.  

You’ll work 1:1 with your very own Account Manager and we’ll lay out a PR strategy to help you achieve quick, meaningful results. You can book in chats whenever you like (usually same day). With our in-house Account Team, PR Team & Writers – you’ll feel like you have your very own PR Team supporting you every step of the way.

We are always up for a site visit or a coffee too!

What's the alternative?

I guess a typical PR agency? They’ll have you sign up to a 3-12 month contract and start sending you those £2k-5k/month retainer invoices.

The biggest drawback is that you’re generally a small fish in a big pond and usually you’ll be palmed off to more junior staff there. 

You’ll get plenty of strategy talks and reports, but not much press. 

You could also explore hiring a freelance. They tend to be cheaper and need less commitment but how much time can one person devote to one small brand and how much experience do they have?

We doubt they have anywhere near the media connections or the number of published articles under their belt (we got clients 1,700 articles last year!)

Is it for me?

If you’re an expert or you offer B2C product(s) / service(s) but want more than the Expertise & the Review Key offers (bespoke strategies, PR events & stunts and unlimited press releases) – this is also the key for you.  

Examples: restaurants, bars, night clubs, aesthetic clinics, accommodation venues, hypnotherapy clinics, dentists etc.

Any rules?

Check out our T’s & C’s.


The pricing

£499+VAT/month (leave anytime).


Any questions?

Check out our FAQs.


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