Unlockd Pay Per Guaranteed Product Feature

Have a product(s) you want to get into top tier publications? A giveaway could be just the ticket...

In exchange for a prize(s) (usually £250-500 across a maximum of 10 prizes) publications will feature you on their websites – getting you in front of their audience and giving you the ability to tell the world you were featured in XYZ!

We do this for free on the Product, Service & Event Key on our PR Subscription so you won’t need this service – for everyone else – we can organise them for just £99 (inc. VAT). 

UK only for now.

Which type of publications do you work with?

We work with publications such as Good Housekeeping, Cosmo, Marie Claire, House Beautiful, Ideal Home, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prima and many more! 

Can you guarantee my giveaway will get featured

Absolutely, we have a great relationship with these publications. If we can’t help, we’ll tell you. 

How many entries can I expect?

This is a great way to get your business in front of thousands of readers (the average giveaway has between 22k and 40k entries!)

You’ll be given the details of the winner(s) at the end of the 30-day competition and the stats of the competition (not including the details of all entrants).

What's the process?

Publications require a minimum prize value of £250-500 (this can be split between up to 10 winners). We’ll let you know what your chosen publication will need.

We’ll confirm your prize(s) meets their guidelines and if so, we will follow up with next steps ASAP.

You will get a preview of the giveaway page and a date of when this competition page will be live (they run for 30 days!).

After 30 days, the winners are picked and you will be required to send the prize(s) to them directly.

Are there any rules?

Yes, a few – see them here.

It all starts with a chat ...

Book in chat below – let’s see if we can help!