Unlockd PR Subscription

Our monthly-rolling, affordable alternative to pricey, risky PR retainers

Traditional PR agencies typically charge £2-5k a month and lock clients into scary contracts.

We want you to be ‘unlockd’ from that arrangement.

Instead, work with us and enjoy all the trimmings of working with a top-notch agency but without the big cost or commitment! 

Our PR Subscription starts from just £99/month (inc. VAT) / $99 – the ideal marketing product for any UK small business or start-up.

You can chose which monthly services suit your needs (we’ll give you a steer) and add extras if and when you want them.

We’re so proud of our offering that you can cancel at any time (without a fuss and at the click of a button).

Become an Unlockd Key Holder (client) and get impactful PR ‘unlockd’ for your small business.

What's included?

Full Account Management, Strategy & Support

With almost a decade of experience in the PR industry working with 1,000s of brands (from Britney Spears to Anytime Fitness) we work in a similar way to other PR Agencies but we remove the ‘fluff’ PR Agencies use to bulk out their invoices (you don’t need it)! 

The day to day PR activity will be detailed on your very own Monday.com board (you can access via your browser and mobile app – and you’ll get notifications in real-time via email and your mobile) and you can chat to our UK-based team.

We work with 100s of top UK & US journalists at any time and we receive 300+ journo requests a day.  

You’ll work 1:1 with your very own Account Manager and we’ll lay out a PR strategy to help you achieve quick, meaningful results. You can book in chats whenever you like (usually same day). With our in-house Account Team, PR Team & Writers – you’ll feel like you have your very own PR Team supporting you every step of the way.

Building your keychain

The Keys (you need at least one)

Expert Key

Looking to promote you or your brand as an expert? This key is a must for you
£99/per month (inc. VAT) / $99
We'll pitch you to journalists looking for experts
We'll offer you opportunities to appear in the press as an expert

Product, Service, Event Key

Looking to secure those review features, line-ups and gift guides? This is the key for you
£99/per month (inc. VAT) / $99
We'll write up & send press releases on new products, services, events and news in the business
We'll pitch you to journalists looking to feature / review brands
We'll offer you review / feature opportunities for your products, services or events
Guaranteed product features in top tier publications (Cosmo, Red Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Men's / Women's Health...)
We'll feature you in journo gift boxes
We'll feature you in PR events goodie bags

The Keyrings (optional add-ons)

Unlockd Journo Requests

You're busy! Let us take the wheel
£149/per month (inc. VAT) / $149
We'll reply to journo requests on your behalf
Only available with the Expert Key

Press Release

We write 1000s of press releases a year - we got this
£99/each (inc. VAT)/ $99
We'll write up & send out a press release for you

What's the alternative?

I guess a typical PR agency? They’ll have you sign up to a 3-12 month contract and start sending you those £2k-5k/month retainer invoices.

The biggest drawback is that you’re generally a small fish in a big pond and usually you’ll be palmed off to more junior staff there. 

You’ll get plenty of strategy talks and reports, but not much press. 

You could also explore hiring a freelance. They tend to be cheaper and need less commitment but how much time can one person devote to one small brand and how much experience do they have?

We doubt they have anywhere near the media connections or the number of published articles under their belt (we got clients 1,700 articles last year!)

Or you could check out our other PR products (click here to see them side by side). If you’re not sure, we’ll give you a steer as to which PR product best suits your marketing goals – just book in a call

This offering is affordable (from just £99+VAT/month / $99), gives you all the bells and whistles you need and you can leave at any time. 

Last year, we secured over 1,700 articles last year for our key holders. 

Sounds great! What's the process?

1. Book in a chat

Book in a chat (using the grid at the bottom of this page) and we'll talk through how we can help (and which model suits you). If we're happy and you're happy - we'll give you a link to sign up.

3. Downloading Monday.com to your phone

Once you’ve booked in a call, you’ll instantly get a text message with a link to download our app (Monday.com) to your phone. The app is available for both iPhone and Android. Once downloaded, you don’t need to do anything (such as create a log in). We’ll give you a link to your account on your introductory call. 

5. Getting to work

We’ll set to work getting you that all-important PR exposure. We’ll work on writing up any news press releases we’d spoken about; you’ll receive opportunities to appear in the press and we’ll contact you with any opportunities to appear in our regular newsjacking press releases. We'll also work on connecting you with other key holders and useful contacts

2.Telling us about you & booking in a chat

Once signed up, you'll be directed to our onboarding form page for you to tell us about you and your brand and you'll book in an onboarding chat with your PR Account Manager in the next day or so (you can pick a slot that best suits you).

4. Getting to know you

In your 30-minute introduction call (which we’ll do over recorded Zoom – with or without video – that’s up to you), your PR Account Manager will get to know you and your brand, develop a PR strategy with you and walk you through the next steps. As with all our calls, the recording (with written transcript) will be able to you on our app.

6. Updating you and getting to know you better

You’ll be given real time updates on where we are via our app. Each month you’ll have an end of month call with your PR Account Manager where we can track progress against your PR strategy and discuss new developments. All key holders can also book in a chat whenever you like! You’ll also be invited to our regular Unlockd BCo (Business Community) live and Zoom events, where you can interact with other key holders and small businesses and meet / learn from journalists, influencers and other experts (as well as meeting the team!) 

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Are you nice? 

Do you understand that PR is a journey and not a destination?

Are you keen for us to work together (us as experts in PR and you as the expert in your business) to get you that all-important exposure?

If yes, we’d love to work with you!

Do you have any rules or T's & C's?

We don’t have an endless list of rules or T’s and C’s but we do have some ‘key’ rules that we ask key holders to follow; and in return we have promises that we make key holders.

You can see them here

How do I know you're any good?

Check out our reviews on Trustpilot

Check out some of our recent press

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