Unlockd PR Subscription Rules

Here are our rules for us working together. They make sure you’re happy, we’re happy and we are able to continue making more and more small businesses happy.

Unfortunately, if you break them, we’ll have to revoke your key and you’ll lose any credit you have with us and the opportunity to work with us again. We can change these at any time without notice. 

  • Understand who we are – we are Unlockd Marketing Ltd, company no. 13597415, registered office: 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE.
  • Understand the model – we earn a modest amount from you and for that we try and give you as much personal attention and value as we can. But naturally, there are limits. That means that we’ve built a model to best give you and our other key holders the attention they need. That includes, using Calendly to book in calls (so you can book in a slot that suits your schedule), Monday.com to manage your account and to chat to you, Zoom (to speak with you and your colleagues, which we record and transcribe for everyone’s records), Loom to send video updates and Active Campaign and Firetext to send out press requests via email/text. Our office is open Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm), excluding holidays.
  • Understand that we can’t guarantee press – unfortunately we can’t guarantee press (in any time frame) – that includes getting you into specific publications (or specific content such as what the article says / is about, which images are used, whether it’s online or print or whether there’s a backlink). We will try our best to get you press that best suits your business needs (and our track record speaks for itself).
  • Be respectful – needless to say, but it’s nice to be nice. We’ll be sweet as candy to you and expect the same from you towards our influencers, journalists and us. We want to work with lovely people and if we aren’t enjoying working with you, we’ll happily forgo the small monthly fee for a happier life! 
  • Collaborate with us – key holders who work with us get the best results. You know your brand better than we do. We work with you not for you. If you sit back and expect us to do all the work, or want to run the show yourself and not respect our expertise – you just won’t get the results you could be getting and we’ll probably get frustrated with each other. To get press with us – engage and be open-minded – you won’t be disappointed!
  • Calls – if you have a call booked in and it no longer suits you please reschedule it. Please bear in mind that if you’re a no-show, it’s a slot could have been used by another key holder – so please be respectful of our time and the time of others. Missing your call might mean that we aren’t able to support you with future calls.

  • Don’t bug our mates – we’ve worked hard to build meaningful connections with journalists and influencers – and then give our key holders access to these great connections. Please don’t approach our contacts directly. If they contact you, refer them to us so we can make sure things go smoothly. As part of working with us, you’ll add our contact details (with website link) to the contact page of your website (so we can handle any press queries for you).
  • Forgive and forget – mistakes happen – if we’ve messed up or you’re upset – please reach out to your Account Manager. Not happy with that response? We’ll escalate it. Please don’t ‘bang us over the head’ for silly mistakes (and we’ll be as equally forgiving too)! 
  • Let us promote our work for you – we’ll herald our collaboration with you on our website, socials and other marketing channels. This including being able to use any of your images or content (such as your logo). We also own any content we produce (such as press releases).
  • Cancelling your account – if you wish to cancel, you can cancel at any time before your next renewal date, via your customer portal. We can do it for you too if you message or email us up to 24-hours before your subscription renews. If you contact us before your renewal but after this window or during a period when our office is closed, and your payment is taken, we’ll refund your money minus a £5 admin fee. Remember, you can schedule a cancellation at any time within that month.
  •  Cancelling with ongoing work – if you cancel your retainer, we’ll work up until the last day you’ve paid up to. Any planned or ongoing work beyond that point won’t go ahead.
  • Failed payments – if you card payment is declined, we’ll keep trying until payment is taken. If we still aren’t able to take the amount after 3 days, your account might be put on pause (which means you won’t be sent press requests and we won’t write or send out press releases for you). Your account will still be chargeable up until you cancel (with your account running up to the next renewal date and so on). After 7 days, we might cancel your subscription with us.
  • Us cancelling your account – we can cancel your account at any time for any reason and any fees paid will be retained. 
  • Disputes – if you file an unsuccessful chargeback, we’ll charge you a £50 admin fee.
  • Refunds – we don’t offer refunds once you have been charged for the upcoming month’s subscription. It’s your responsibility to either cancel your account using the customer portal or contact us in writing to cancel (see above). Failed payments don’t constitute a cancellation (and your account will still be active and chargeable).
  • Features –  the features we cite on our product pages are there as a guide, we’ll work with you on the best way to achieve your PR goals. 
  • Press releases – the press release numbers we cite on our product pages are caps not targets. We’ll work with you on writing up and sending out press releases that best serve you. We won’t begin to write up a press release until your last press release has sign off from you. We send out press releases at opportune moments when we feel they will have the most impact. 
  • Writing up & submitting journo requests for you – if you have asked us to write up and submit journo requests on your behalf, you are trusting us to draft up content from you and we aren’t liable for any negative actions as a result. We aren’t able to share with you the submission before it is sent to the journalist and we will not ask journalists for any edits to submitted requests / published pieces. 
  • Data – we collect, process and store your data in line with our privacy policy.