Why are we so much cheaper than traditional agencies?

Lots of people have questions around how we can deliver meaningful results from just £99/month ...

Our approach

It all starts with our approach, we don’t have any romantic notions about PR – we see it as a marketing tool – offering brand awareness, social proof & SEO boosts to small & growing brands. 

Patterns and process

Having worked with 1000’s of clients (we call them key holders) in the UK and US we’ve noticed patterns and we’ve used that knowledge to build out shiny processes and systems to eliminate needing lots of additional staff and to speed up getting results for clients.

It also means our team are spending their time doing the work that adds the most value to our key holders (rather than spending hours doing unnecessary admin).

Economies of scale

Working with hundreds of clients allows us to spread our business costs. 

More opportunities 

Our range & number of clients means we have regular contact with key journalists. Journalists are also aware that we have an ever-growing plethora of clients to offer content or exciting products / services to try out. That usually makes us their first point of call and gives us a direct line to pitch to them too. 

Having worked on 1000’s of campaigns for a cross section of brands – we like to think we know a thing or two too.

But most importantly – we deliver so we don’t need to hide behind strategy calls and reports 

We only work with brands we know we can help. 

We believe all those fancy meetings and PowerPoints are usually employed to make up for the lack of results (PR agencies have to justify their big retainers somehow). We deliver and we deliver quickly and that means we don’t need to invest time and energy into writing up reports or taking you out for lunch.

Our TrustPilot reviews and our realms of secured press speak for themselves.

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